"'Keep Smiling'... It's My Favorite Exercise!"

Larry's ‘Keep Smiling’ Attitude has been a major factor in helping people to see the Positive Side of Life. His natural appeal to the human spirit comes from a combination of his education, upbringing, background, and extensive life experiences.

Due to his innate ability to assist people in transition...his keen intellect...his natural, accurate intuitiveness and his sharp sense of humor, people from all corners of the Earth, in many different phases of their journey, have been drawn to him. People find it Very Comfortable and Secure interacting with him.

Larry’s Purpose and strongest focus is Spirituality and reconciling 'Conventional' ... 'Brick and Mortar' Religious Beliefs with Spirituality. He does not believe that these have to be mutually exclusive, as a matter of fact; Larry believes that they really complement each other. Larry has been on his Spiritual Journey for many years. His inspirational and motivational Life Experiences began at a very early age as his father exposed him to books and seminars of poignant speakers such as Zig Zigler, Jim Rohn, Elie Wiesel, Golda Meir and many others. Adding to this, his strong religious foundation in Judaism is what started him on his path of learning, exploring and growing. His Passion of discovering the worlds of Spirituality and Angels, expanded exponentially when he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1989. Dealing with many severe issues that encompassed physical, emotional, financial, and career adversities, he learned to rely not only on his ‘Support Group’, but also on The Power of Positive Thinking, Prayer, and summoning a 'Higher Power'. Having taken Many courses and attended numerous lectures and programs on Spirituality, Angels, Ascension, Higher Purpose, Cabbalah and Philosophy, he is a true and continuing 'Student of Life'. After years of hard work, Larry is a Success Story in his battle with MS. This has lead to public speaking and motivational/inspirational engagements with newly diagnosed MS Patients, which then transitioned to speaking to Civic and Professional Organizations.

Larry has been a Successful Corporate Executive in the business world for the past 25 years. He is also a Leader in several community organizations and is active in national organizations. Larry’s 30 years of ‘Real Life’ Education, his successes and his failures and walking the path of many others before him makes him very qualified to guide others on their Journey in his unique and comfortable style.


The Meaning Behind My Logo

Color Meaning

Blue - Calming - Steadfast – Dependable – Loyal - Productive

Gold orange - Flamboyant - Fun times - Happy energetic days - Ambition – New Dawn - Attitude - Growth

Arch Meaning

Arch meaning is always speaking to us about openings, beginning and stepping through certain perspectives to see what's on the other side.

Arch meaning also deals with initiation and ceremonies of renewal in many cultures. Walking through an archway represents the sloughing off of the old and moving into a new phase of life.

Arches also talk to us about opportunity. They convey the same message, whether over doors, windows, our Spirit .... because they symbolize a universal law, which is "There is always another way."

Archways convey a sense of duality. This feeling of duality really plays nicely with the arch meaning because often we're faced with some kind of contrast that prompts us to shift (move through the arch) our views.

Consider every subject as a two-sided coin: A ying/yang. These symbolize the fact that everything in our existence is holds both "yes" and "no" energy.

The arch meaning, then, represents our point of decision. The arch is place where we have reached our epiphany and we've internally confirmed our plan of action after weighing the balance of choices available to us.

The arch meaning also deals with protection. From a structural perspective, archways allow motion while serving as a foundation to buildings. This is a metaphor, this archway encourage forward motion.

Arches are a lasting symbol that says "Move forward and your world will not crumble - only expand. Protection is here."