Positive Change

I have found the 'Law of Attraction' and 'Vibrational Matching' to be an Undeniable catalyst for Positive Change for those who study and apply these principles which can be used to Manifest Healing, Recovery, and Remarkable Growth.

The Law of Attraction states that 'Like attracts Like' and Vibrational Matching help us align our Thought, Emotions and Beliefs with What we Truly Desire.

At the base of these principals is a belief that our thoughts and feelings combine to affect our circumstances, and create our reality. I help you to re-frame your focus. Re-Framing 'Focus' and 'Thoughts' allows you to be Open and Allow Abundance. Giving you the opportunity to Manifest and Live the Life you Desire.

'Your New Truth' Programs

Larry Rifkin’s 'Your New Truth’ programs work as Insightful Spiritual and Personal Life Coaches. Our process acts as a mirror for you, reflecting information to you with greater clarity ….. including the aspects you might not see in yourself. With ‘Your New Truth’s’ perceptive guidance and coaching sessions, you can gain a Deeper Understanding of who YOU are… and what's blocking you from What You Really Want ... and we will then help guide you towards moving past those obstacles.

Through ‘Your New Truth’s’ intuitive guidance and coaching, we can provide detailed insight into your inner dynamics and patterns, and gently guide you to releasing those that are not working for you. 'Your New Truth' Guidance and Coaching process supports and encourages …… without passing judgment or holding anything back.

Larry Rifkin’s ‘Your New Truth’ Guidance and Life Coaching can be an ‘Act of Empowerment’ - expanding your awareness through powerful and thought-provoking modalities and leveraging your personal gifts and talents MUCH faster then you could do alone. We work together to help you find out what you want to do in life and what will bring you Happiness and Fulfillment. ‘Your New Truth’ Guidance and Coaching is focused on helping you achieve personal Clarity, Bliss and Inner Peace …… which means that you get to live the life you were Meant to.